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Wonder's Heritage

And an Impressive one at that!

Wonder's Sire

Falleurs Singapore, Currently Owned and retired at Satin Sea International

12:11:06 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW POLAND, Champion class "EXCELLENT" There was 47 champion Golden's in the ring. 

National Show in Bosnien-Gradiska/FCI. EXCELLENT 1st 
Our Champion European Golden Retriever Stud


12:11:06 WORLD DOG SHOW POZNAN / POLAND judges; Mr.Korozs Andras Hungary Champion class "EXCELLENT" There were 47 champions in the ring. 

National Dog Show in Bosnien-Gradiska/FCI. EXCELLENT 1st place, CAC, BOS.

MNE Champion (FCI) 2009 
MAC Champion (FCI) 2009
May 2009 
Shows abroad, in four exhibitions in the Champion class Singapore was 4x Excellent with the 1st place with BOS, BOB, CAC, CACIB, Best of FCI Group 8 and 2 Champion FCI

International Luxembourg on UCHL Excellent Platz 1 + CACL 
Intern.CACIB Show Gradiska / FCI.EXCELLENT 1st place CAC + CACIB + BOS 
Special Club Show Gradiska / FCI.EXCELLENT 1st place CAC + BOS 
Exposition Canine International Metz / France EXCELLENT 1st. 
01.19.2008 CACIB Show Nrnberg VDH. Richter Dr. W. Peper (D) Champion class Excellent 3rd place 
1 res.CAC VDH 
Vorzglich + VDH Stuttgart 2nd place 
19. Ortenau Show-Offenburg SG1 + Anw. Dt. Jug. CH. VDH 

01.04.2007 Exposition Canine Internationale UCHL Luxembourg champion class judge, Mr. Henric Fryckstrand-Sweden Singapore was by far the Jngste in its class (8Rden)! EXCELLENT short list 5 

15.9.-16.9.2006 Bosne I Hercegovine unija Kinoloskih Savenza / FCI, the judges were: Mr.N.Istayan MEON, Sanja Vretenicic SLO, Sigrid Jarman Austria. Chuck reached on 3 shows in 2 days Excellent 3x 1st place 3x BOS 3x CAC +1 CACIB and he was awarded the BIH CHAMPION title! 

03/11/2006 19. Ortenau Shau-Offenburg VDH Judge; W. Schicker-D. SG1 + BOS projected German Youth Champion VDH + title ORTENNAU YOUNG WINNER 2006
02.09.2006 Exposition Canine Internationale Luxembourg on UCHL judges; Mrs.Orietta Zilli (Italy) Singapore won its class EXCELLENT 1 + square CACL 

5:11:06 Exposition Canine International Metz / France, Mr. Judge Marc Vallois France Champion class EXCELLENT 1! Singapore reached the 5th time in a row in 3 different assessments Exc.1. under 5 different judges!

14.01.2006 CACIB Nrnberg, judges; Dr. P. Beyersdorff-D.

26/03/2006 72. International Dog show Luxembourg Richter, Maria Del Carmen Gil Polo-E # 3 + EXCELLENT! 

07/24/2005 Golden Dog Trophy LIEGE, Belgium-FCI Judge Mr. Verrees Belgium. 1st place 

06.08.2005 CACIB VDH Ludwigshafen Judge / Judge Mr Schicker Germany VV1
06.04.2005 European Dog Show Tulln 222 Golden's, / Judge Mr. Rafael Malo Alcrudo Spain + 1st place prize in the Jngstenkl. European Dog Show in Tulln (Austria, the KV-FCI) Report; Very attractive puppy. Excellent for young coud, expressive head, neck lovley, good substance, Excellent chest, Excellent topline, lovley temperament. I like very much this puppy, free moves. 

Singapore was first exhibited in the 3 puppy classes, Austria, Belgium and Germany with 3 different VDH / FCI judges and each time the 1st place! + Puppy prize at the European dog show Tulln / Austria + best male puppy and BEST PUPPY in the elimination and best male in Belgium! 
Jngstenkl. + BOS, BOB + BIS Puppy Puppy of Honor
European Dog Show Tulln + BEST PUPPY AWARD from all VV1 PUPPIES 
Golden Dog Trophy in Belgium BEST PUPPY in Show 
European Dog Show Tulln + BEST PUPPY AWARD from all VV1 PUPPIES 
Golden Dog Trophy in Belgium BEST PUPPY in Show 

"a quality dog with a balanced outline, well presented in good coat and condition, pleasing head shape with dark eye and kindly typical expression, good depht of chest, clean neck into a firm level topline, quarters strong, moves with drive." 

04/14/2007 Intern. Dog Show Erfurt Championklasse. Richter Raimund Gabriel (From Seelbacher Forst) VORZGLICH 4th place 

07/2006 Retriever Club Show Luxenbourg. Judge Mr. R. Strudwick (GB) EXCELLENT 3rd. Balanced head with lovley kind expression, good neck and shoulders, level topline, short coupled, well angulated quarters, moved out well, well balanced. 

24/06/2006 19.Spezial zuchtschau National Group Sd DRC Gambach.Richter Carol Gilbert (GB) 3rd place VORZGLICH 

Judges report: In the right format + matching substance, dark eyes PROPORT correctly. Head, Sect curved neck, neck line. Underline. Rute Prim upper and correct and getragen. Starke boned, well-kept hair, moves freely and fluent. 

28.01.2006 Special show by the DRC in Herrenberg Richter, J. Richardson (GB) Kennel Darrochonna preliminary. At an international competitors from 21 Earths in the junior class judge's report:..! Gorgeous head with so much work into it, good shaped dark eye, soft expression would like to see him slightly taller, excellent forehand, good tight elbows, good depth of brisket, good width of thigh and bend of stifle, stylish positive movement, great balance, lovley type. 

12:11:05 CACIB Stuttgart VDH; Judge Mrs. aces Bacher Feyel-Germany. EXCELLENT 2nd place! + Res. CAC Anw.Jug. Champion VDH

SG Platz3 (10 gestures in its class, it was given a V, the rest of SG and G.) 

09.10.2005 Special show DRC in Lich, 140 Golden Retriever / Judge Mrs. L. Kipps, Singapore, England and assessed the excellent in a class with 22. Fabulos quality dog, stunning correct outline, correct head, dark eye and pigment, ready clean neck, flowing into level topline and tailets, short coupled, correct angulation, perfectly balanced over all, moved with drive. 

17/09/2005 DRC winned Specialty Show / Judge Mrs. Woods GB. Excellent In a competition of 13 in its class judge's report: a pale nice dog, a little short in coat, carry ling a little too much weight, lovley head, excellent pigment, nice neck and shoulders, excellent bend of stifle, good topline and tailset, moved well. 

16:10:05 Bundessiegerzuchtschau Dortmund-VDH/Judge Mrs.L.Keene England. With a 4th place EXCELLENT Judges Report: Nicly made young dog with lots of substance, good head, dark eye, very good bone and feet, well placed shoulders, level topline, quaters good, moved quite well.

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