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About the breed, English Cream Golden Retrievers.

We have raised Golden Retrievers for going 19 years, we started raising traditional Golden's and fell in love with the temperament, energy, and beauty of the breed as so many have. When we had the opportunity to Purchase Wonder, a Champion English Cream Golden Retriever imported from Germany, we were ecstatic, and it started a story of our lives that we are so excited about, and thrive on seeing the stories from the families and individuals who take the puppies home.


Read further to get more info on the history of the White English cream golden retriever or if you interested in visiting us at our mini-ranch you can schedule or call us here.

White "English Cream" Golden Retrievers

So one of the biggest questions or miss conceptions to understand and get out of the way is whether the English cream is of its self its own breed, It is not. The white English cream coat is a color variation from selective breeding dating back to the late 19th century and in 1936 the UK Kennel Club included a light cream coat to the standard. The UK standard Golden retriever developed into a much lighter coat, with a thicker, heavier head and body build, and North American Standard is thinner, with a deep honey gold color.

There are some health questions with some people swearing that the English cream being an overall healthier breed, and that's not exactly the case, but according to studies the life expectancy is about 1-1.5 years longer, and the cancer rate in English creams is much less as well.

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