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Our English Cream Golden Retriever Wonder, with his champion show trophies

True to his champion lineage Wonder is very remarkable white, English cream golden retriever. He has the blocky European build coveted within the breed along with nothing short of movie star good looks. His face is absolute perfection and when he smiles that "come play with me" smile you realize he is the Brad Pitt, and Cary Grant, of the canine world.


This is no co-incidence, Wonder's celebrated sire "Falleurs Singapore" is a Multi-European National Champion with multiple best in shows, and multiple best of breed (among other titles and awards) in 10 different countries. Wonder's number of championships is too numerous to list here so please see the link below for a comprehensive list.


Wonder's mother "Riviera" is a multi-champion in her own right including champion of Russia as a Junior, and four-time best of breed. As such, she is an equal and fitting match to complete a perfect bloodline.

Wonder's genetic makeup and unequaled pedigree are reason enough that we would choose him as our sire....but in truth, it is not the reason. It is not his pedigree, but rather his heart and soul that even as a young puppy caused us to understand that he is "The One". Wonder has a lovely temperament with an incredibly kind expression and an unmatched desire to please. He stands above the crowd in his behavior. His demeanor is gentle, eagerly playful, and quite simply the happiest dog you will ever meet. He is always smiling and trusted in his play with both children and adults. As a young dog, we knew him to be different - to be special in quality - when we first discovered that among the mayhem that can be a group of barking dogs Wonder will not join in. Instead of barking he will watch, and smile, but remain quiet and loyal at the feet of his master. 

If you want a show dog of the highest quality, or if you just want a trusted lifelong family member, you want Wonder. Wonder is cherished, he is rare, and so are his offspring.  As such, we firmly believe you will come to find Wonder's sired puppies to be truly "White Gold".

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