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We are never sad to see our puppies go because we know they have gone to some extraordinary homes and have enriched many lives in so many ways...and we very often carry on long lasting friendships with our new families. It is always so great to hear how everyone is doing and get such wonderful feedback and some really stunning pictures! My apologies to everyone that it has taken so long to get this page up and running. If you have sent pictures and don't see them here...Please send them again!!!:):) And if you haven't gotten around to sending them...Now is a great time!!...We seriously LOVE to see how everyone has grown up and who has moms 'big dark' eyes and who 'whispers' like THANK YOU!!! and please keep them coming!!:):)

"Hi Susan, just wanted to thank you again for our incredible puppy Lambeau! He has brought such joy to us and our families and friends...we really could not have wished for a more more friendly, obedient,intelligent,and simply adorable little guy. He reminds everyday about how wonderful life can truly be. We are so grateful!!"

Lambeau smiling for the camera
English Cream dog name Lambeau enjoying time at the beach

"Vinny and i have referred you to a few friends seeking puppies like our Lambeau. There is no doubt in our minds that his sweetness and amazing temperament are from the crucial early care and love provded by yu an d your familiy! Words cannot fully express our thanks xoxo"

A group of people gathered around petting a golden retriever puppy
Two dogs taking a break from playing
White retriever dog laying on the grass

Congratulations to Kim on the Eastern Shore!!! Kim has Winston and we LOVE to hear how Winston is doing:) Kim Wrote "Everyone in Pet Smart wanted to take him home. Vet said he looked great. He and Geist were playing keep away earlier!"

English Cream golden retriever enjoying his time outside
Winston is a English Cream Retriever, enjoying his time as a lap dog

Another congratulations to Erin! Her sweet puppy is Indy(smudge)! she was born with a unique little spot on her side! her family is always sending us precious pictures! 

Family enjoy some time in lawn chairs, and spending time with their dog

"We are so so happy with Indy(smudge) she is spunky & vocal to go potty outside!!! Thank you so very much for our beautiful puppy! She is very healthy & playful!"

"We all love <3<3 her little spot!!! We were all worried somebody else would take her...When she was 3 weeks Erin fell in love with that little mark & kept saying to her "don't you go home with anybody else!"

English Cream puppy named Indy, with her harness on



 Chelsea's owners ran into other Wonderkind pup!


"We met Seamus in Solomons island today. He's from a 2016 litter of yours. How fun. The human dads name is Ken and lives in Oxford on the shore. How funnnnn!"


"Chelsea has brought us so much joy. I can't begin to measure it"



"Hi Susan , here is Chelsea at two years old. Healthy and healthy. She is a light in our life!"


"Tucker is so sweet, he's a rockstar wherever we go, he plays at daycare with his pup friends, and goes to work with me.  He is definitely a Momma's boy...spoiled rotten"


"Hi Susan...We adopted Finley last August from you.  She’s a joy and we adore her.  I want to adopt a second ECGR and thought I reach out to to see if you know of any pups looking for a home?"




"Good morning, thought you would get a kick out of this.  Louie is an awesome dog... Thanks again and Happy holidays! .

Paul and Gina"

123-1 (1).jpeg



"hi Sue, ts shelia i bought cooper(blanco) from you Nov. 2015"

"just wanted to let you know what a wonderful pup he is!"

"hes very smart & learns fast! Has 2 acres to run around in & he is very energetic & so playful!"

"loves to go camp & play with is buddies in the creek. Hes also so handsome & we love him 2 death. He puts a smile on our face everyday!"


"Perfect! Thank you for the tip! Here is a picture of her at the park yesterday she is an angel!"

"Hi Kate.  Riley will be 18 weeks old tomorrow and he is the love of our lives! He brings joy to everyone he meets...He is already a star at  Brookville Animal Hospital.  We finished his puppy visits last Monday.  They take pictures of him at every visit and he is posted on their website.  Currently,  we are at out cabin in NC and Riley loves the mountains."

"Here is a pic of Riley taken at Brookville Animal Hospital at 14 weeks old.  I believe this pic also went national on a veterinary doctor publication."



"Hi! Here are pictures of our Rosie girl. She is such a love. Her smile is contagious. We named her after her mom, and the town she was born in :)"






i reached out to Finns parents asking to see if they'd be interested in being on our testimonial page...and i was not disappointed!! when i say i could make a whole web page dedicated to Finn and his big puppy dog eyes from all the pictures i got is not an understatement!! lolol

"Oh my goodness of course! Be careful what you wish for—I am going to FLOOD you with photos! He might be the most photographed dog on earth."




Finn and his brother/ neighbor Jack! They were in the same litter!"



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