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Hello! We're honored that you've decided to visit us! We have been breeding for over 25 years and all of our puppies are 100% English Cream Golden Retrievers with incredible international Multi Championship lineage!(check out "Our Sire" page for more info). They are loved and cared for by our family(and friends lol) and well started in their housebreaking skills. This is one of our many aspects that sets wonderkind puppies apart from other breeders.our specially designed whelping areas are not only climate controlled but were built to encourage ease of housebreaking. Also because our puppies have lots of room to run 24/7, their bones and joints grow and develop correctly.

we want to make sure that our puppies go to excellent homes and part of that responsibility lies educating their new families. we not only offer a lifetime of support, but we also encourage questions about your new family member...and even extended stays for further training.

Family with dogs sitting in a boat posing for a photo
English Golden Retriever playing fetch with his handler
Golden Retriever puppy playing tag in a field
Puppy taking a nap on the floor
A girl and her dog wearing matching coats
Its art lesson time for our new white golden puppies
White Golden pup wearing a pink ombre coat outside
Toddler getting playtime with the puppies that are only a couple weeks old
Out for a hike through the park with a young golden retriever puppy

We often travel to the sunshine state(Florida) and drive through Virginia, South Carolina/North Carolina, and Georgia. If you want us to drop the cuties off along the way just ask! because it might line up with our road trip!:) We have no problem flying your puppy to you as well!! :):)

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