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We know introducing your new fury family member into the family is fun and exciting! and it is even easier than when your puppy is already trained. Which is way we are offering training puppies! its very important for your puppy to not pick up any bad habits when their so young because they can be hard to correct in the future.

if you wish to have your puppy pre-trained this is what you need to know :)

~you will pick your puppy out at 6 weeks and that is when we will start the training.

~your puppy will know:


      ~lots of socializing


      ~Leave it


      ~Walking on a Leash

      ~Crate Trained (going in on command & and staying quite without barking/whining)

     ~Potty trained to our home(will be easier for him to transition to your home)

     ~Will be used to car rides

      ~Sometimes a Trick of Your choice (Such as: Bang,kisses and etc...depending on how well your puppy is doing)

~Your puppy will be ready to be picked up at 10 weeks but don't worry we will keep you updated with pictures and videos of your precious pup until you can take him home. You will also be able to come out and see their training and practice with them yourself.

The price or your puppy will depend on the pick of your puppy. If you are interested in a training puppy or have any questions feel free to text or call me(Kate) at 443-945-5700 :)

We will have a couple training puppies ready at the end of september!




















We often travel to the sunshine state(Florida) and drive through Virginia, South Carolina/North Carolina, and Georgia. If you want us to drop the cuties off along the way just ask! because it might line up with our road trip!:) We have no problem flying your puppy to you as well!! :):)

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